Lycaon GR Remote
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Remote for Lycaon GR 2020(Hobbywing Version)

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Specs of Lycaon GR Remote


 Battery Voltage/Capacity  3.7V/ 500MAH
 Charging Port  USB Type-C
 Charging Time  1 H
 Communication Mode  2.4 G
 Remote Control Distance  40m(open area)
 Weight  60g

 Lycaon GR 2020(Hobbywing Version) Only

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Remote Settings


 Unit System  kph km / mph mile
 Wheel Diameter  90/105/120
  • This setting is available while resetting the remote.
  • The speed will be influenced by the parameters you set. Please make sure all the parameters matches in line with the actual conditions.


Remote Sync & Pairing Process


1)How to pair the board and remote

  • Hold to the power button of the board and that of the remote at the same time till it displays"PAIRED OK"
  • Press the lower button to select options and press the power button to confirm. 
  • Enter into function interface

2)How to adjust the speed mode -Press the speed mode switch to adjust speed for your riding mode.

Speed Mode: Top Speed in Each Mode

  • L (Low) : 20 kph
  • M(Medium): 30 kph
  • H(High): 38 kph
  • P(Pro): 38 kph (Instantaneous Acceleration)

3)Brake Intensity changes with speed modes

4)Auto Cruise

  • Hold the throttle to accelerate to a certain speed, and press the upper button.
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