• The legality of electric skateboards varies by country, state or province, and city. In many cases, electric skateboards are not a legally defined device, and may fall under regular skateboarding or other personal electric mobility device laws. Always ensure that you're complying with all local laws before purchasing and riding your electric skateboard.
  • You should understand the inherent risks of skateboarding and that you actually totally and unequivocally waive all your rights (personal injury, property damage, everything) against LycaonBoard by purchasing one of our products. 
  • While we make every conceivable effort to make our boards as safe as possible, no machine is immune from malfunction. We highly recommend you to read through the following precautions to limit your risk in such a wonderful adventure.

Before riding

  • Safety comes first. Always wear protective gear before use, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and handguards.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain the board before riding in case there are any loose bolts and nuts or damaged components.
  • Please check your shoelaces before riding the skateboard and avoid contact between your shoelaces and the wheels.
  • The minors shall be accompanied by parents when riding the electric skateboard and shall not use a mobile phone or wear headphones when riding.
  • Skateboard has potential risks like other sports, and it might cause injury. When riding the skateboard, the user might tumble due to loss of balance and get injured.

During riding

  • When you use the electric skateboard for the first time, ride it on safe open ground and practice basic movement such as standing on the board, accelerating, braking, and riding on slow mode to avoid getting injured in a collision.
  • Follow traffic laws even though you're on an electric skateboard. Always be aware of vehicles when riding.
  • The fastest speed modes are very powerful and the trigger is highly sensitive. Be sure to very gentle with the trigger control to avoid being thrown off the board and only ride to your ability. Use your better judgement and slow down if you’re unfamiliar with the area.
  • Lycaon board does use some waterproof materials to prevent daily splash, but we do not recommend riding on a rainy day for any safety risk. Powered by a battery, stuffed with electric wires, components, and more, it’s safe to say that none of these things mix well with water. Riding through puddles or into water deep enough to partly submerge your e-board, follows with a high probability that water will get into and damage the electrical parts.
  • Handle your board with care and respect in case of any abuse. Do not jump on the board, do not ride off gutters or curbs, do not smash the board into hard objects, do not drop the board on the ground for starting operation.
  • Braking on an electric skateboard needs to be gradual and slow, so that you and the board decelerate until a complete stop.
  • Do not ride it on potholes/sand/graveled/muddy/uneven or slanted roads. Do not ride on slippery roads, such as snowy/icy and wet roads. Ride the electric skateboard on flat roads with grip in the open space.
  • Pay attention to the standing posture of your feet when riding and do not step on the front and rear wheel of the skateboard on tiptoe and heel to avoid danger when riding.
  • Observe the traffic rules of local places and slow down when you see pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Do not ride the skateboard at night or in the low visible environment.
  • Do not open or tamper with electronics housings to avoid risks of electric shock.
  • Always be cautious and keep your eyes open to identify any obstructions on your way. Do not focus on your phone or earphone while riding.
  • Be extra careful while riding on hills or at high speeds even if you're an experienced rider. Always ride at your level.
  • Braking downhill on a full battery will cause board shut down and temporary loss of braking power since regenerative braking will overcharge the battery. If the voltage is higher than the safe value, the remote control will vibrate to remind you. Then you need to stop by turning or foot braking and ride on flat ground or uphill to drain the battery before another downhill riding.
  • Keep your remote controller off until you step off the board to prevent injuries due to unintended acceleration.
  • Do not touch the motors with bare hands right after skateboarding for you might get burnt. Keep your fingers, hair and clothing away from motors, wheels and all moving parts.

After Riding

  • Remember to clean your electric skateboard with a cloth after each ride to wipe out water and dirt. Ensure that no water gets into the bearings of the wheels.
  • Fully charge the electric skateboard after each ride. Charge the battery at least once a month if you don’t use the board for a while.
  • Check and adjust the loose bolts and screws caused by vibration during riding, just in case you forget to check the bolts and nuts before your next riding.
  • Conduct thorough maintenance of the skateboard to replace corresponding components with issues if necessary, making preparations for your next skateboarding.
  • Securely place your skateboard in a skateboard wall mount or stand. Just make sure the skateboard won’t be damaged by water or some accidental events.

Important note

  • If you feel your skateboard is not so responsive for your first ride, fully charge the battery and then completely discharge the battery three times, so that the performance of the skateboard can be fully demonstrated.