Electric Skateboard Riding Safety
11.20.2020 | LycaonBoard | Blog

The majority of people may know nothing about electric skateboards, but it’s fair to say they are growing in popularity due to the video promotion by some YouTubers. Electric skateboard adds a thrill of speed to the riding compared to traditional longboards, making it an ideal transportation tool for young people who are seeking thrill and fun. Though electric skateboards are far from mainstream now, it is possible that it may become one of the convenient transportation means in the future with the advances of technology. Since electric skateboards are powered by batteries, the speed can be really fast and the following risks can not be ignored.

For the new form of transportation, electric skateboards probably attract many people who have never set foot on a skateboard. Without knowing the potential risks, they may just put themselves at a speed that only a experienced riders would handle. An electric skateboard may look like a toy, but a simple push on the remote can give you instant acceleration and to a speed of up to 25 mile per hour. If you do not keep those safety rules in your heart, you are more susceptible to injure yourself. Whatever reason you are out of to start riding electric skateboards, safety is always the top priority.

Always wear protective gears

Grab a helmet when skating. This is what Lycaon Board has been upholding and promoting. Helmet is a must whenever you go outside for a riding. Skateboard has potential risks like other sports. You may tumble due to loss of balance and get injured. Therefore, helmet is necessary to protect your head. Recently a type of special full-face sport helmet is increasingly popular among riders who prefer fast speed, which can protect your head and face to the greatest degree. Take care no to choose a helmet that is too heavy to put on. Nowadays the designs of helmets are pretty cool and you can even plaster awesome stickers on it by yourself. Other protective gears like kneepads, elbow pads, wrist protection and hand guards are also essential if you are not skilled at riding or you are just a beginner. Keep it in mind: safety always comes first.

Learn the basics

Whether you are an experienced skater or a newbie, the first to do before you start riding a new electric skateboard is to read the user manual carefully. Different skateboards come with different functions and buttons. Know your board better so you can ride it better. The user manual will usually list all things you need to pay attention to for a safe riding. For example, how to stand and position your feet, how to start and stop the board, how to pair the board and remote, how to accelerate and brake. You have to figure out all these steps so you ca attempt to e-skate. For our Lycaon boards, we have four acceleration modes, four braking modes and auto cruise mode. You got to know how to operate it so you can find the speed and braking intensity that you feel the most comfortable. Mastering all these basics before riding to prevent you from falling off the board and avoidable risks.

Know your limits

Riding electric skateboard is not just a new transportation means for commuting, but also a perfect vehicle for some speed junkies or thrill seekers to experience the thrill of rocket-like acceleration. Obviously this is not the case for most riders. Therefore, you have to know your own limits. Every rider should ride at a speed that is still under control. Sometimes some unforeseeable reasons may lead to the loss of braking. So you have to make sure you can stop the board by foot braking and you won’t get hurt because of over-rapid speed.

Knowing your limits is not just about the speed, but the road condition too. Skateboard beginners or primary level skaters shall ride the board on relatively flat terrain for safety. If you were skilled enough, you can try riding on uneven or slanted roads with gravels and rocks. Otherwise, any loss of balance and control will cause potential injury. Our Lycaon boards have a top speed up to 26 miles per hour, which is way too fast for skateboard beginners in daily life if you are not attending some group ride or speed game. Then maybe the High Speed Mode is what you need.

Inspect your board

This safety routine should be done before every ride. Some parts and components will loosen over time. Lack of maintenance will not only endanger your safety, but also affect your riding experience. Therefore, it’s extremely important to look for broken or cracked parts and replace them with new ones. Make sure the motors are running correctly, the accelerating and braking modes function well. Replace your irregularly shaped wheels, and check your trucks, bearings, bolts and everything you can think of. This is what we called to nip potential danger in the bud. Doing all this before your ride is also a good way for you to know your board. Do not consider inspecting your board as a trouble or burden. All this is for your safety.

Follow traffic rules

As a new form of personal transportation, electric skateboard is not that widespread. In some countries and cities, it’s still illegally to ride electric skateboard in public places. But if it’s allowed to do so in your city, do remember to follow the traffic rules anytime and anywhere. It’s not only to ensure our own safety but to set a positive image for all the electric skateboard riders to help legalize the new transportation means. It’s the same as riding a motorbike, stop at the red light and go at the green light. Always avoid pedestrians while riding on pavements. Be careful not to scare the pedestrians or overtake them too fast. If you are riding on a crowded street, it’s suggested to step down your board. You never know who will suddenly show up.

This blog is to offer you some insights on electric skateboard riding safety. Whether you are beginner or experienced, always keep these safety tips in mind to enjoy a safe riding and have fun!