Electric Skateboard Maintenance: Storage
11.14.2020 | LycaonBoard | Blog

Are you a skateboard collector or enthusiast? Or maybe you just a new arriver of the skateboard world? No matter which type you belong to, the one thing you can never avoid is skateboard storage. Especially for those who have more than one skateboards. To figure out where and how to store their boards is something worthwhile to think about. A well storage can not only protect your skateboards but also a good opportunity to demonstrate your boards to your friends. Stay tuned with this Blog to know more about skateboard storage.

Ways to store skateboard at home

Too many skateboarders just throw their skateboard on the floor of their bedroom or leaning against the wall. Obviously, these are not good options for you to store your skateboards, especially for those who don’t have enough space at home or have children. As electric skateboard exposes a potential dangers, it may cause unnecessary hurts. Also for people who have pets, it’s not recommended to leave your boards just on the floor either. Well, you know what your pets will do to your skateboards. To keep your board off the ground can make your board stay away from water or anything else that can harm your board.

Basically there are two styles of skateboard racks for people to store and display their skateboards, that is vertical skateboard rack (also called skateboard wall mount) and horizontal skateboard rack(also called skateboard wall hook/hanger). As its name tells,  it means the way to hang up your board on the wall in a vertical or horizontal way. Some skaters choose to purchase ready-made skateboard racks from skateboard manufactures, because it’s the quickest and effortless way. While others prefer to pick up tools and make their own skateboard racks at home, which indeed takes some time and energy to finish but makes you feel a sense of achievement. There are also some people use guitar stands or similar to store skateboards.

Get one skateboard rack in your house and it makes using your skateboard much easier. You don’t have to feel a pain to put an electric skateboard on the floor and bow down every time to pick it up. It won’t occupy a lot of space any more. No need to lean the board to the wall and worry about the falling. No more worry about the wheels making the wall and floor dirty. If you want to free yourself of making the skateboard rack by yourself, you can just buy one from the internet or skateboard shops. Nowadays those skateboard racks are lightweight but surprisingly strong, each rack includes a complete wall-mounting kit and installs easily on walls. All your boards on the rack will look so neat and organized.

Skateboard storage in public areas

What do you do with your boards if you go out with your skateboard but it’s too heavy and tiring to hold it? Or what do you do if need to go for classes but skateboard is forbidden at campus? For the board weight issue, if carrying it isn’t feasible, you can get a grab handle. You can just drag it by the front truck behind you. But sometimes you may want your hands to free. There is a product called deck hook that can be hooked with your backpack to help you carry your board. The deck hook is an innovative carrying device for skateboard enthusiast and it is compatible with most trucks and most dual shoulder backpacks. The deck hook can clip securely on to the shoulder straps of your backpack to free your hands. The straps magnetically locate in to place and can hold up to 40kg each. To release simply slide down the lock. You just walk with your board hanging on your backpack without carrying your skateboard with your bare hands.

The skateboard storage seems to be a problem in public areas. If luckily, you can find the skateboard racks nearby. Without skateboard racks, it’s also an option to lock it to bike racks. At present, the number of public skateboard racks is increasing, which indeed facilitates lives of many skateboard lovers. However, in many cases, there will be no skateboard racks at all. For example, if you go to gym for work out and there will be no place for you to store your skateboard. You have to put your skateboard in the reception desk, or if that is not working, you’ll need to keep the board in your sight. It’s totally possible that someone may steal your skateboard or break it into pieces leaving you with a plain board if your board is expensive. Otherwise not entirely sure what good way there is, to secure the components, so someone who finds them attractive would not try to take them away.

To be honest, there is no effective way for skaters to store skateboard in public places right now. Someone has thought about electronic motion alarm. If someone moves the board, the alarm goes off. Alarm might solve the situation, where someone would spot your expensive battery pack or your motor and would try to dismantle it. Although such alarm products are not available yet, maybe in the near future it could be possible as the development of science and technology.

Tips for skateboard storage

In extremely hot summer days or cold winter days, you'll probably be skateboarding less and less. The scorching sun, wind chill, the snow, the cold rain or any atrocious weather will be the obstacles of your skateboarding. As such, storing the board is the only option that you have. By storing your skateboard properly, you'll be able to enjoy riding again as soon as the temperature is ready for skateboarding. Here are some tips for skateboard storage.

  • Never leave your skateboard incold, wet weather for any length of time, even just overnight. It's especially important not to leave them there all winter long. Humid or wet storage areas can actually damage your skateboard more than you might realize. For example, the grip tape may peel right off the deck. Wooden skateboard decks can even crack under these circumstances, and rubber wheels will become brittle when stored in these conditions over time.
  • When you do bring your skateboard indoors, make sure that it is stored somewhere where it won't be tripped over, stepped on, or otherwise get in the way. Store it off the floor, in a rack designed specifically for skateboards.
  • Check the battery charge. The 80% battery levelis the perfect range to ensure that your battery retains its electric charge storage capability and capacity. Keep in mind that batteries do discharge even whilst in storage. It is important that you recharge the battery from time to time to maintain at least 80% level.
  • Inspect all parts of the board, making any necessary cleaning, repairs or upgrades.By fixing these issues before you store your skateboard, you'll be ready to go as soon as the weather is nice enough for skating.

Taking proper care of your skateboard isn’t just about maintaining the board itself, but storing it properly too. If you are passionate about skateboarding, you've probably invested a lot of time and money in the high quality deck, trucks, wheels, and other components. If you want this skateboard to last more than a year or two, you’d better take very good care of it. Otherwise, it may get ruined during the off-season, and you will have to buy a new skateboard before you can ride again.