Electric Skateboard: Built In VS Underneath
11.16.2020 | LycaonBoard | Blog

Considered from different perspectives, we can have different classification for electric skateboards. Based on the number of motors, we have single motor or dual motors and even four motors. According to the function way and placement of motor, we have belt motor and hub motor. Today we’re going to take a look at the difference between built-in and underneath skateboard.

Built-in Skateboard

Built-in skateboard means that the electric drive is completely hidden inside the board, therefore it appears to be a normal board. No batteries are visible because they are hidden inside the board itself. Only you know your board is powered by the electric drive. The drive inside the board is protected against dust and splash water.


  • Lightweight:Commonly used materials for skateboard deck are wood, bamboo or carbon fiber and these materials are light themselves. To put batteries inside, the deck is actually hollow, which makes the built-in skateboard even more light. 
  • Simple and compact look:Without batteries underneath the deck, the whole board looks neater, prettier and not that heavy. People may not even know your skateboard are powered as the batteries are invisible.
  • Easy to carry around: Built-in skateboardlooks exactly like a normal board from the appearance. Its light weight makes it perfect for city riders who need a compact board they can easily take on and off buses, trains, subways, etc.


  • Less range: There are limited spacefor built-in skateboards to put batteries inside the deck. Therefore, restricted battery quantity means there will be less power provided for the board to go long distance. Especially when you riding up hills at high speeds, your battery will soon run out of and you cannot achieve long range.
  • Less resilience:To put the batteries inside the deck, the structure of the deck will inevitably be damaged no matter what the material is. Hence the change of structure will surely affect its certain properties and performance. The resilience of the deck will be reduced as a result.
  • Susceptible to road conditions:The performance and riding feeling of built-in skateboards are more likely to be influenced by the riding spots. The bumpy roads and rider weight will exert more vibration and stress on the deck and may even cause deck crack and fracture.

Underneath skateboard

Underneath skateboard means that the batteries are installed underneath the board and covered by a battery box to protect the batteries against unfavorable weather elements. For this type of skateboard, batteries are visible and people can know that you’re riding an electric skateboard from its appearance.


  • Better resilience: As the batteries are placed underneath the board, the integrity of the deck structure is reserved. Therefore, the resilience of a complete deck would be much better.
  • More range: For the huge space underneath the board, more batteriescan be  installed and thus more power can be provided to realize more miles. But do remember that actual mileage varies depending on rider weight, riding surface, hills, wind, and most importantly riding habits.
  • More adaptable to rougher roads:The integrity of deck structure ensures higher resilience and then makes the board less affected by vibrations. So whether it’s flat grounds or rugged roads, underneath skateboards can be more adaptable.


  • Less portable: Compared with built-in skateboards, underneath skateboards are relatively heavier. It might be more exhausting to just grab the skateboard to take public transportation vehicles.
  • Possible battery damage:Though underneath skateboards are more adaptable to rougher roads, the possibility of battery damage is also increasing as batteries underneath can be easily scraped by stones, rocks and obstacles on the road.
  • Higher center of gravity:Putting batteries underneath the board requires higher ground clearance otherwise the battery box will touch the obstacles on roads. It’s achieved by larger wheels or higher trucks. However, higher center of gravity will reduce the stability of the skateboard and you lose balance during riding.

Built-in VS Underneath

The settlement of the batteries will certainly influence the performance of the skateboard. Both built-in battery and underneath battery have their own advantages and downsides. To help you weigh gains and losses and make a wise choice, we’re going to compare them from several important aspects.


After browsing through the whole passage, you may have already made your choice. To be honest, there is no “the best” type of skateboard. All you need to think about is your own riding style and skating spots. And based on that, you’ll know what suits you. As long as you figure out your own preferences, it won’t be too hard for you to make up your mind. If you are looking for a convenient and lightweight commuting vehicle, go for built-in skateboard. If you want more range and riding on rougher roads, then choose underneath skateboard. To skateboarding is to have fun and always keep safety in your mind. No more hesitations and let’s skate!